At SoftLucid, our Information Technology experts partner with clients to integrate, structure and streamline their information technology services and activities. We work with our associates to find them the best fit for their skills, experience and ambitions through consecutive assignments and varied experiences to enhance their skills. Through our global presence, we help Fortune 500 companies achieve consistency in their Human Resources needs, while equally serving smaller, local businesses in attracting hard-to-find resources with niche skill sets. Our recruitment, placement and outsourcing network spans five continents. Our recruiters draw from our global resource pool to identify key talent and our associates can look forward to international as well as local assignments.

In the rapidly evolving IT environment, we plan for the fact that tomorrow will bring more change. Our expert teams and our associates will always be at the forefront of IT. We attract talented and ambitious people with the potential to progress quickly. Global Interworks – your international Information Technology partner to navigate the fast-moving IT landscape.

Overview and Strengths

• Client Relationship Management managed from multiple locations.

• Consultants/Architects supporting multiple clients.

• Extensive Experienced Industry Technical leadership

• Catering multiple Technologies and Domains.

• Streamlined recruiting process with pre-screened candidates.

• Professional Resume Preparation Assistance.



1.Tech Screening: You will be having a technical screening on the course which you pursued us. We will analyse your technical skills, Communication skills & confidence level here. You once you get qualified with this, we will move on to the next phase.

2. Resume Preparation: We will provide you the sample resumes with which you need to prepare blueprint of your resume, as per current market needs to compete with others and we will assist you further in all aspects while finalizing your resume.

3. Marketing Overview: You will be having a special session on the marketing strategies of your resume, how it goes into the market, how you need to answer the calls, differences between Client & vendor and so on....... will be explained to you in detail.

4. Mock Interviews: This is the final stage where your resume will get forwarded to our recruiters for marketing. They will take Mock interviews & give you some interview tips.

  • Thanks, for helping me in gaining the knowledge in ASP.NET. By Your method of teaching in easy and simple manner it has been easy for me to understand now if not, I would never have understood the

  • The training recieved from Parikshit is informative and helpful. Thanks to SoftLucid and Parikshit for an incredible

  • The training recieved from Parikshit is informative and helpful. Thanks to SoftLucid and Parikshit for an incredible

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